INstructionMain2Coach Melvin works with players at all ages and skill levels. Although he can teach all aspects of baseball, his specialty is definitely pitching. He recognizes that pitchers have different strengths, and they do not all use the same style. With that in mind, he can fix mechanical problems without completely changing a pitcher’s form; or, if needed, he can help a new pitcher find the technique that is comfortable and right for his body. Either way, his students leave their lessons with increased skills and confidence.
Lesson Prices:
Students may choose 1/2-hour or one-hour lessons. They may also choose one of the packages to save a little on the cost of each lesson.

Lessons are taught at Lakeside High School on Sundays, at Medlock Park on Wednesdays, and some Saturdays at Medlock and Frankie Allen Park in Buckhead. Click here for directions to either of these locations.

For more information or to schedule a lesson, contact Bill Melvin…
By email:
By cell: 404-213-3913


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