2019CampBanner1000mainimageTeaching More Than Baseball for Over 30 Years

Coach Bill Melvin has been teaching baseball to young players across the South since 1986. He uses his eight years of professional pitching experience to improve players of all ages and every skill level; however, what really sets Bill apart is his exceptional character, outstanding communication skills, and infinite patience. After a lesson with Bill, players leave feeling good about themselves and more confident in their abilities to compete at the highest level.
Coach Melvin offers individual instruction as well as baseball camps for players between 6¬†and 12 years of age. He effectively teaches a variety of skills — from hitting to fielding to base running; but, he is particularly gifted in working with pitchers. Not only can he teach a new pitcher the proper technique, but he can also work with experienced, successful pitchers without changing their overall form. Many times, it’s just the tiniest adjustment that makes the difference between a ball and a strike. He is also incredibly knowledgeable when it comes to pitch selection, strategies, and the other finer points of the game.MissionStatementFor more information or to schedule a lesson, contact Bill Melvin…
By email: bill@pitchingforexcellence.com
By cell: 404-213-3913


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